Why Ginsei?

There are lots of the trading companies dealing with electronic components in the world. Ginsei is also one of the suppliers of electronic components or assemblies from Japan at competitive prices.
Among those who supply quality components, Ginsei focus on offering solution to support the customer's developments and operations from technical side.

Ginsei expects the following points to the customers:

  • Reduce time and cost for the customer's production
    Ex) Skip a part of the production process by using quality components.
  • Reduce time and cost for the customer's circuit design
    Ex) Outsource a part of the circuit design (One-stop service).
  • Reduce time and cost for the customer's trouble shooting
    Ex) Offer realistic solutions from our extensive experience in the electronics market.

Here shows some of the examples of Ginsei Solution.

For Crystal Units Users,COST DOWN Solutions with TCXO

We have various solutions to make a cost reduction.
Using TCXO is one of the ways of cost reduction.
If you are interested in our solutions,
please contact us for the details.

Concern about Error Rate for Volume Potentiometer?

We offer quality Volume Potentiometers with No Error Rate and Low Noize Please contact us for the detailed specifications.